Parent Handbooks

We recognize that parents and guardians are the experts when it comes to their children, and we maintain close communication with families to provide the best care possible.  We strongly encourage families to actively participate in their child(ren)’s daycare and preschool education.


Obviously, you can’t be with your child every hour that she/she is at the Center, but you can still get involved.  One important way is to read the Parent Handbook for your child's program (below), to know more about our practices and policies.


You can also drop by to observe or volunteer any time the center is in operation. It shows your child(ren) how important their care/education is to you. Please give your child’s teacher advance notice. We would love putting you to work!

Infant & Toddler Parent Handbook

Pre-K & Preschool Parent Handbook (New version to be added soon)