Teamwork is Important to Us

Successful teamwork between parents and educators is important to us because it reflects on the child's development.


That's why we have a culture of teamwork at Causey's Learning Center. There is constant interaction between parents and educators as we plan excursions, common activities, and class parties.

There are several ways you can get involved in your child's daycare and preschool education. You are welcomed and encouraged to participate in any or all of these. Some examples of ways to be involved include:

1. Chaperoning on field trips.
2. Lending objects for units of study.
3. Participate in monthly parent meetings.
4. Helping your child at home with the concepts we are studying here (ideas for this will be provided in our quarterly newsletter).
5. Helping your child prepare for "Show & Tell" or "Mystery Box."
6. Providing birthday treats or other items for our parties. "Please-    Bakery Items Only."


We're always grateful for support above and beyond the call of duty.


Contact us to find out what you can do!