Welcome to Causey's Learning Center!

We are a preschool learning center dedicated to young children's well-being, growth, and education.


Our staff and center provide an educational setting that supports and encourages learning—individual creativity, social skills, and self-initiated discovery. Our goal is to create a positive foundation for lifelong learning.

Our Programs






Note:  Our infant program and infant waiting list are full. We are not currently accepting any new applications for infants.  Please check back frequently and we will post when openings are available.



Your infant will feel right at home in our warm, loving "Busy Bee" classroom. We provide individual care and attention in a warm, cozy classroom, full of colorful and stimulating toys. Causey’s is aware of the early years of a child's life are very important for his or her health and development. Parents, health professionals, educators, and others work together as partners to help children grow up to reach their full potential.



Your Toddler's day will be full of new and rewarding experiences. Our patient teachers understand that your toddler will learn through play, and grow with personal attention and love. They provide an environment that encourages them to explore the world around them, while learning how to master everyday skills from walking, to toilet training.



Our Pre-School program is a theme-based program in which children learn through activities based on a variety of age-appropriate topics. All activities follow an anti-bias curriculum. The teachers move through-out the Interest Centers in the classroom asking thought provoking questions and encouraging the children to try new things. Although encouragement and help are offered, each child is free to choose how they will participate.



Causey’s has several curriculum programs that provide developmentally and age-appropriate activities and materials, developing essential school readiness skills through exploration, investigation, and, of course, fun! While it is extremely important to understand that all children develop at their own rate, your child will receive pre-reading and writing activities along with activities corresponding to all the areas covered in our Pre-School program. 

Causey's Learning Center is participating in Early Achievers, Washington’s quality rating and improvement system (QRIS) administered by the Department of Early Learning. As an Early Achievers participant, we are demonstrating our commitment to offering high- quality child care and promoting school readiness.


Learn more about our participation in Washington Early Achievers.

Mission Statement

To provide community-based, high quality learning center that offers excellent childcare, as well as enriching preschool experiences that build a solid foundation for lifelong learning.


Causey's Learning Center strives to:

  • Provide a nurturing, stimulating, and safe environment.
  • Personalize the care given to each child to the maximum extent possible.
  • Enhance children’s natural curiosity and love of learning.
  • Build skills needed to create lifelong learners.
  • Create a close connection to parents and the community.
  • Foster appreciation of cultural differences and cultural contributions to our society.
  • Build self esteem, through awarenesss of self and respect for others.
  • Demonstrate the importance of civic values and ethics including honesty and responsibility, even at an early age.

Useful Information & Forms

Important facts about the daily interplay between you, your child, and Causey's Learning Center.  Get forms you need to begin the enrollment process by calling (206) 329-0921

Non-DIscrimination Statement


Causey’s Learning Center welcomes all families to its childcare and educational program. We believe firmly in equal opportunity for all.


We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, sex, age, ability, nationality, ethnicity, religion, creed, sexual orientation, marital status, or veteran status.


We do not discriminate in any way within the administration of our educational programs, services, activities, or employment practices.